Bunk Room Fun!

Bunk rooms meant just for kids are a thing of the past! One of the latest trends in home design is the installation of built-in bunk beds. They’re a great way to save space, and add more sleeping room by building vertically. I just love the whimsical and nostalgic feel of climbing a wooden ladder and nestling into a built in bed.

One of the most exciting projects I’ve worked on recently is a nautical bunk room meant to host guests of all ages. The space was rather large, which gave me the opportunity to section it off into two sitting areas, a study area, and of course, sleeping area.

My vision for this room was to create the feel of being on a ship. The bunks and beautiful wooden ladders were designed by Fred Weber, and built of mahogany by Burger Construction in Cutchogue, NY, and I chose a red, white and blue “Americana” theme to run throughout the room.

To further the feel of being on a ship, I had nautical sconces from Suffolk Designer Lighting installed at the head of each bed. Shelves were also installed at the head and foot of each bunk, which I filled with nautical/americana trinkets, books, and other accessories.

One of my favorite parts of this room, is the painted striped walls. I chose Benjamin Moore paint in the color “Old Navy,” number 2063-10. The color is a matte, dark navy that adds warmth and detail to the room without being overpowering.

I love the idea of putting a bunk room into a home. Pinterest has been full of beautifully designed bunk rooms recently. Here are a few of my favorite designs:


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