For The Love of Mermaids

My daughter loves mermaids and we’ve been working mermaid decor accents into her room for quite some time. Finding mermaid decor can be tough, as it sometimes can be tacky. Here’s some of my favorite pieces of mermaid decor that are whimsical, bright, and will perfectly accent any mermaid lovers space. Click each image to find out where to find these mermaid treasures!


8 thoughts on “For The Love of Mermaids

  1. Not sure if you saw my post this weekend about my love of mermaids? It’s on the Versatile Blogger Award post, if you’re interested. I just adored mermaids when I was a little girl, still think they’re pretty awesome as an adult too!

    • No, I must have missed it! Congrats on the award though, I will have to look for the post! Glad to find another mermaid lover. Thanks for reading!!!

      • Thanks. I wanted to make sure you knew where the mermaid mention was 🙂 In fact, my nail polish today is very mermaid like, stay tuned for a photo on MagnoliaGrace!

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