Sea Glass Jewels

For as long as I can remember I have been walking the beaches and collecting sea glass. My house is filled with vases and bowls full of beautifully weathered and polished pieces of glass. I am particular with my collection, as I prefer to keep only the blue, green and white pieces of sea glass. I sometimes am lucky to find a red piece, which I have heard comes from the navigation light of a ship. The best treasures are found on the beach and sea glass is a crafters gem!

There are so many craft projects that can be made using sea glass, and a coastal or nautical home wouldn’t be complete without it. In past posts, I’ve showed how to use sea glass to decorate in your home. Today, I’d like to share with you the works of some talented artisans who have created beautiful pieces of jewelry using sea glass. I hope you enjoy some of my favorite pieces and maybe you just might start your own collection!


8 thoughts on “Sea Glass Jewels

    • Thank you, Maya! I’ve yet to get into sea glass jewelry making….mostly just use my glass to fill pretty vases. I just love collecting sea glass! Thanks for reading!

    • It’s so funny you mention that! My brother just saw it in a magazine the other day and I said I must go visit it! Thanks for reading!!

  1. I have a few places here in New Jersey and Maryland where I find sea glass. I tend to find it more on bay beaches, rather than the ocean beaches. I have containers full of it. I think one day I am going to make a curtain out of it. If I ever “get around to it.” 🙂

    • Let me know how that craft project works out as I would love to see the results! Good luck & thanks for reading!

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