Area Artist: Jamesport Candle

There is nothing I love more than finding a new product made in the area in which I live. Today, while shopping at Bauer’s Gift Shoppe on Love Lane in Mattituck, I came across some beautiful scented candles, made by a company called Jamesport Candle. Jamesport Candle is a mother/daughter team on the North Fork of Long Island.

I love everything about their delicious smelling candles. Each candle hand dipped with 100 percent American Soy Wax which emit little or no soot. They do not contain lead and are a renewable resource, unlike petroleum. Soybean wax is biodegradable and non-toxic. Also, these candles are made right here on The North Fork. They’re home grown and produced! Supporting our local craft and business people is a good thing!!!!!! If you are looking for a hostess gift, a birthday gift or even a treat for yourself, take a look at Jamesport Candle and know that your purchase helps in supporting the local economy!


Aunt Sadie’s Candles

Sometimes, what drives me to a company is its history. I just love a good story behind a product or company I use in my home.  Aunt Sadie’s candle company, founded in 1996,  is a family  business based in Boston, Massachusetts. The name Aunt Sadie honors the matriarch of the family Sadie Denton, a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and aunt…who loved to bake.

Aunt Sadie’s specializes in authentically scented, hand poured in the USA candles. Each candle is packaged in a tin can, and wrapped with beautiful paper that compliments the candles scent. From seasonal scents, to the great outdoors, to the kitchen, Aunt Sadie’s has a scent for whatever your heart desires.

These beautiful candles will bring an air of nostalgia to your home, as the scent of the beach, a christmas tree, or even apple pie permeates throughout your room.

I’ve purchased many Aunt Sadie’s candles throughout the years, my favorites being the Santa Tree candle, which I bring out every Christmas. I do change up my candle seasonally and always look to add a new scent of Aunt Sadie’s candle to my collection.

There are over 200 scented candles to choose from, so whatever you fancy, fancy Aunt Sadie’s candles!