Navigation Charts!

A navigation chart is a map designed and used primarily for navigation. A nautical chart includes the information used by the marine navigator, including latitude and longitude scales, topographical features, navigation aids such a lighthouses and radio beacons, magnetic information, indications of reefs and shoals, water depth, and warning notices.  This information allows both plotting and a safe course and checking progress while sailing or boating.

If you love nautical decor like I do, you can turn these charts into beautiful wall art in your home like I have.  Charts are easily accessible in any marine supply store.  Once you have selected your favorite port of call, the next step is easy: deciding how to use it.

I have a large chart of Long Island framed hanging in my home.  I love it because when guests come I can show them exactly where they are.  It is a great point of reference.  Happy plotting!


Something Extra: While you search for the perfect chart of your “one particular harbor,” enjoy listening to this classic Jimmy Buffett tune!


Nautical Wall Coverings

Ralph Lauren Wallpapered Powder Room

Wall coverings are a great way to give an existing bathroom a fun, new, updated look. While I see them used in many different rooms, I personally prefer to wallpaper small rooms such as powder rooms and laundry rooms.

If you’re overwhelmed by the thought of print on an entire room, one way to break things up is to use bead board along the bottom half of the walls. Bead board can be horizontal or vertical, painted white, or even mahogoney. Be creative when it comes up picking out your wall coverings and bead board.

I’ve found that the best place to find nautical/coastal printed wallpaper is at Ralph Lauren Home. They have an abundance of map and chart prints, nautical knot prints, and seaside prints. They can sometimes be hard to find, but be sure to check out Steve’s Blind’s and Wallpaper. They have a wide selection of Ralph Lauren books and are great to work with…and better yet, their selections are often on sale.

Ralph Lauren Chart Print Wallpaper With Mahogany Bead Board

Ralph Lauren Chart Wallpaper With Mahogany Bead Board

Ralph Lauren Knot Wallpaper With White Horizontal Bead Board

Seaside Print Ralph Lauren Wallpaper With White Bead Board