Chicken Update!


Stevie Nicks!

Just a quick update on my chickens!  After a long winter, the girls are happy to be clucking around the yard pecking on the new blades of grass, digging in the mulch for worms and bugs and chasing Olivia my dog!  Egg production has been ‘egg’cellent!  I am quite pleased  with my decision a year ago to start raising chickens by the sea! Here’s a few pics of my girls in their coop and around the yard!


Olivia keeping an eye on the ‘Girls’


Eggs! Eggs! Eggs!


Charlotte & Scarlet O’Hara



Chick Love

I’ve got some pretty exciting news! This weekend I became a proud new mama, just in time for Mother’s Day, to six adorable chicks! My hubby and I decided after a recent trip to Agway, that raising chickens would be fun adventure, and you certainly can’t beat fresh eggs every day! So, after ordering six baby chicks, I hit the internet in search of coop inspiration, and a crash course in raising live poultry. Now let me just say, I have no experience in any sort of farming, and don’t know anything about chickens aside from how to cook them, but be rest assured, these chickens are going to be living the high life by the sea!


For those of you like me who don’t know much about chickens, it turns out there are A LOT of different breeds. Some lay white eggs, some lay brown eggs, and some even lay colored eggs! I decided on two Black Australorps, two Brown Leghorns, and two Hubbard Golden Comets; all brown egg layers.

The babies will live inside with us in a brooder until they’re about six weeks old, and then head out to the luxury chicken coop that is being built to house my new feathered friends. During my coop search, I came across and absolutely stunning coop on Heather Bullard’s blog. As it turns out, Heather sells plans to the coop on her website, making it easy to replicate. Aside from not being a farmer, I’m also not a builder, so I had to enlist the help of my friend Rob Lehnert and his construction company to build the coop for me. It’s moving along quickly and should be done very soon! I can’t wait to show you all pictures of the finished product!

In the meantime, here’s some pictures of my new babies. Their names are: Stevie Nicks, Lady Bird, Charlotte, Dear Prudence, Scarlet O’Hara and Esteban. I’m so excited to share the progress of my new adventure with you all, and to be a new chick mama!