Turn Your Lights On

It used to be that chandeliers were meant only for the dining room, but today, they can work in just about every room in your house. It is important when picking a chandelier to focus not only on style, but functionality as well. Will it provide the wattage you need? Is it to scale with your room? It is my experience that working with a lighting professional is the best way to go to ensure that you’re fixture will be size appropriate, and properly installed. Lighting is an incredibly important, and often overlooked component of furnishing a room. A great way to update your space is to remove that outdated fixture, and bring in a new chandelier. Here’s a few pictures of nautical chandelier inspiration:

Want to add a nautical chandelier to your home? Here are some of my favorites…Click each photo to find out where to buy:


Nautical Rope Decor

A great way to bring that nautical feel into your home is by adding a touch of rope to your decor.  I love the rugged, nautical look of rope in a home. If you’re looking to purchase rope furniture, wall decor or accessories, there’s plenty of items around, but you can also DIY and get creative with rope decor.

A unique company to check out is StairRopes.com. They make stair ropes, bannister ropes, rope handrails and barrier ropes to measure. Definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in installing a rope bannister or railing.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of monkey fist decor. I’ve got monkey fist door stoppers all over my house. They come in different sizes, colors, and can be used as door stops or as an accent piece on a shelf. Here’s some great photos of knot decor to inspire you. Click each photo to view the original source, or where to buy.