Navigation Charts!

A navigation chart is a map designed and used primarily for navigation. A nautical chart includes the information used by the marine navigator, including latitude and longitude scales, topographical features, navigation aids such a lighthouses and radio beacons, magnetic information, indications of reefs and shoals, water depth, and warning notices.  This information allows both plotting and a safe course and checking progress while sailing or boating.

If you love nautical decor like I do, you can turn these charts into beautiful wall art in your home like I have.  Charts are easily accessible in any marine supply store.  Once you have selected your favorite port of call, the next step is easy: deciding how to use it.

I have a large chart of Long Island framed hanging in my home.  I love it because when guests come I can show them exactly where they are.  It is a great point of reference.  Happy plotting!


Something Extra: While you search for the perfect chart of your “one particular harbor,” enjoy listening to this classic Jimmy Buffett tune!


Knocking On Your Door!

A great way to bring some coastal flair to the exterior of your home, and dress up your front door, is with artistic, decorative door knockers. My favorite door knocker designer by far, is renowned artist Michael Healy. Born and raised on Cape Cod, Michael’s designs are clearly inspired by his surroundings on the seashore. After graduating from the University of Notre Dame, Michael served in the US Air Force.

Michael’s designs are made through the age-old technique of sand casting. Each door knocker is hand-cast in sold bronze, solid brass, or solid nickel/silver. Of all the knockers he’s designed, my favorite by far is the the intricately detailed blue claw crab knocker.

Living on or near the saltwater can be harsh for outdoor fixtures.  It is imprtant when selecting outdoor hardware and fixtures that they are “weather proof” and can with stand the salt and sea air. So far the Michael Healy door knockers have been a winner in my book!

As important as the selection of your front door, so is the hardware you choose to adorn it.  I highly recommend you visit Michael Healy’s website and take a closer look at all his work.  I am sure that you will find an authentic bronze plaque, door knocker, dog knocker or door bell  to fit the decor of your home.

Area Artist: Richard Fiedler

Living on the East End of Long Island, I am blessed with the ability to wander the streets of the North and South Forks through an abundance of artists’ galleries. From abstract art, to oil paintings, to sculpture and watercolors, the East End has it all.

I’m very particular when it comes to buying artwork, mostly, because art is an investment. I look for a particular design and aesthetic when shopping for art, most of the time favoring classic painting techniques over modern or abstract art.

When buying for the home, I search for pieces that are rich in color and make a statement on the wall on which they are hung. I also like to feel drawn into a painting, and feel like the place it’s showing is familiar, or like I can picture myself being there.

Of all the galleries on the East End of Long Island that I have frequented, my favorite by far is the Richard Fiedler Gallery in Greenport, NY. Richard is the son of a commercial fisherman. After financing his college education by fishing and lobstering in Greenport, he graduated with a degree in art and design from the New York Institute of Technology. His long career as an artist has earned him notoriety on the East End and beyond

Richard’s paintings evoke nostalgia of life on the beach and at sea. I am inspired every time I walk into his gallery and see a new painting on display. His style is classical, historical, and highlights life on the East End. Richard’s paintings are the perfect accent not just for the coastal home, but for any style of decor. His subjects include landscapes, ships, wildlife, and more; there is certainly a piece for everyone.

If buying an original is not in your budget, an affordable alternative is buying one of Richard’s signed and numbered prints, which are sold either framed or unframed. I tend to be partial to his framed pieces, many of which are made of recycled, weathered, barn wood.

I’ve bought several of Richard’s signed and numbered prints over the years, however my two favorites were acquired last summer. The first is of a bushel of steamers, the second, of a bushel of blue claw crabs. I bought both framed in barn wood, and am so happy with their addition to my home and art collection.

Last year I bought two prints that I have hung in my home that I just love.  The first is of a bushel of clams and the second  print is of a bushel of blue claw crabs. Both are framed in weathered barn wood that are perfect in any decor.

If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend taking a stroll through Greenport to see some of Richard’s work. Here are a few of his prints taken from his website: